MesoWest Status Update Log
Last Update: 11/29/2017

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11/29/2017 10:40 AM MST
MesoWest is performing some internal maintenance that may impact the ability to access archived data at times. This primarily impacts data prior to 2014, and only impacts data displayed on the MesoWest maps, tables, and graphs. Archived data should still accessible via the MesoWest data download pages. Data from 2014 forward should not be impacted. Once this maintenance is completed, all archived data should be available once again.

10/30/2017 9:15 PM MDT
It is expected that MesoWest will experience an outage with the Citizen Weather Observing Program (CWOP) data feed, and a few additional data feeds, overnight from Wednesday 11/1 into the morning on Thursday 11/2. These anticipated outages are due to maintenance taking place upstream of MesoWest. Data should resume for these feeds during the morning hours of Thursday 11/2.