MesoWest New Tabular and Graphical Products

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MesoWest has developed some supplemental products for the web interface. MesoWest has begun acquiring station observations that are taken at multiple levels (e.g. wind readings from tall-tower stations with wind sensors at varying heights). The primary MesoWest products were not designed to display station data from multiple heights, so new additional products were created.

MesoWest has released a version of two original products that can display the additional data levels. For the overwhelming majority of stations in MesoWest, there will be little change between the supplemental and primary products, as most stations only record a unique variable (e.g. temperature) at one level. However, there is a significant difference for stations that record a unique variable at multiple levels. Those stations include some that are a part of the BPANET, ORNL, and UUNET networks.

1) New Station Interface Tabular Display

The first product is an additional station tabular data display. The Supplemental Tabular Display retains the overall structure of the Primary Tabular Display, but with some new features...

The ability to display observations that are taken at multiple height levels.
The ability to display the sensor height level if MesoWest has the proper station metadata.
A count of total observations taken over the 24-hour period selected.
New tabular format design.

2) New Station Interface Graphical Display

The second product is an additional station graphical data display. The Supplemental Graphical Display has a number of new features not seen in the Primary Graphical Display, including...

A listing of data parameters that is unique to each station.
A dynamic listing of sensor height levels that changes based on station and parameter selected.
The ability to plot one, multiple, or all levels of data on the graph at one time.

We encourage feedback from users regarding these new supplemental products. If there is an improvment or feature for these products that you think could be added, please do not hesitate to either post your new idea on the MesoWest Facebook Page or contact us at