Data download help

MesoWest has been a source of North American weather information for millions of users from the mid-1990’s through the present. We rely on hundreds of data providers who make available their provisional, non-proprietary data. Databases at the University of Utah and Western Region of the National Weather Service store all the information.

The data download page allows any user to download up to a year’s worth of data for a given station in CSV format. Users without a MesoWest account will be restricted to 24 hours of data, while users who are signed in can retrieve up to 365 days worth of data.

You can sign up for an account here.

For larger volumes of data, visit the SynopticLabs Data API Services. Please use the SynopticLabs API services for automated data downloads.

Using the new MesoWest download page

If you have been using the download page prior to June 2016, you will notice a few changes. This is because we have upgraded our data services that power the downloads page to give you more data with faster response times. This page now fully uses our Mesonet API. You can read more about the change to the new page on our here on our blog.

A short summary of the changes: - Variables listings on the download page are in a human readable format. You can see their definitions here.