ROMAN GCA Active Fires Maps

ROMAN has been designed for use by fire weather professionals and others requiring access to current fire weather conditions around the nation. Comments and suggestions for improvement are encouraged and can be sent to

The ROMAN GCA Active Fires Maps have been designed to display the positions of all active fires, including those contained within the last two days. This is to provide a graphical representation of fire size and location in each GCA. These maps are updated every two hours in order to post new fires as soon as possible as well as to update the condition of existing fires.

Color Coding (fire type): Symbol Coding (fire size): Each fire map page includes the legend below, which summarizes the above explaination:

When the mouse pointer rolls over a symbol, the fire's name and acreage appear next to the cursor. If the fire is contained or is a WFU fire, this information will also appear. This same information will also appear on the status bar of your web browser.

Clicking on any symbol will link to the ROMAN 24-Hour Trend Monitor, which will list all recent RAWS observations within a 50 mile radius of the fire's location. Click here for a thorough explaination of the 24-Hour Trend Monitor.

The Fire Maps are designed to plot all fires within the map's viewing area, including those outside the GCA boundaries. If there has been no fire activity in the GCA for at least two days, however, then "No Active Fires in GCA" will appear on the map. Also, the number of fires in the GCA are stated next to the map's title.

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