MesoWest Station Location Maps

MesoWest has been designed for use by National Weather Service meteorologists and other professionals for protection of life and property. Comments and suggestions for improvement are encouraged and can be sent to

The MesoWest Station Location Maps have been designed to display the relative positions of all available stations from which data can be retrieved. These maps are updated each night in order to provide access to stations that may be deployed temporarily.

There are two different types of station maps available at this time.

CWA Maps (unavailable)
The National Weather Service County Warning Area (CWA) maps show weather station locations relative to CWA and public forecast zone boundaries..

State Maps
The State maps show weather station locations relative to state boundaries.

On all maps, each red plus symbol represents a station in the MesoWest Database. When the mouse pointer rolls over a plus symbol, the station name and the station call letters appear on the status bar of your web browser. To access current station data, click on a red plus with your mouse pointer. The current data will appear to the right of the map.


Many smaller monitors on PCs have default screen sizes set to 800 pixels wide. The combined width of the primary frame used to display the base map and current conditions requires that the width be set to 900 pixels or larger (1024 is a standard screen size to use). To change the screen size on a PC: Use the back arrow to return to the base map display. The changes to the screen size should not affect the functionality of most other programs (although older games often presume smaller, fixed screen sizes).