Maximum and Minimum Summary Help Page

MesoWest has been designed for use by National Weather Service meteorologists and other professionals for protection of life and property. Comments/suggestions for improvement may be sent to

The MesoWest 5-day Maximum and Minimum Summary defaultly displays the 24-hour maximum and minimum values for the current day and each of the previous 4 days. Values are displayed for the selected variable for each station with the selected region.

The user can change multiple settings to display data, these settings are...

Variable: The user can choose one of the following variables to display...
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed
Wind Gust (note: this displays the maximum value only)

Location: The user can choose from a number of different regions to display data. The regions could be one of the following...
GCA: National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) Geographic Coordinating Area
CWA: National Weather Service County Warning Area
FWZ: National Weather Service Fire Weather Zone

Network: The user can choose between the following for network combinations...
NWS: Displays stations that are only a part of the NWS/FAA network.
RAWS: Displays stations that are only a part of the RAWS network.
NWS and RAWS: Displays stations that are a part of either the NWS/FAA or RAWS networks.
SNOTEL: Displays stations that are only a part of the SNOTEL network.
All Networks: Displays all of the stations, regardless of the network.

Date: The user can change the date if they wish to view archived data instead of current data, the results will show values for the selected date and the previous 4 days.

The data is then output into tables in the area below the "Settings" section. There is an option to sort each table by station name or by station elevation.

Station Distribution: The stations are then divided into tables based on the "Location" chosen...
GCA: Stations grouped by GCA Predictive Service Areas (PSAs).
CWA: Stations grouped by Forecast Zone.
FWZ: Stations grouped by Fire Weather Forecast Zone.
State/Province: Stations grouped by county.

Table Output: The following information is provided within the table. Each row contains a different station. If the row says "Average", then the row contains the average values for a sub-region.
Station ID and Name: longer station names may be truncated.
Mesonet and Elevation: which network the station belongs to and elevation in feet.
Date: located in the top row in the form MM-DD (most recent first).
Maximum/Minimum Values: each is listed with the following...
Variable Value (bold font)
Time Recorded (local time)
Sub-Regional Averages: the average value calculated for a sub-region if it contains more than 1 station.

*Important Notes:

1) Some stations provide exact measurements of maximum and minimum values (e.g. most NWS/FAA stations directly report 24-hour maximum and minimum temperatures). If a direct report is listed, it will be in black font. Any other colors indicate values calculated by MesoWest based on the data we acquire for the station.
2) Values for wind speed refer to sustained winds, which are often averaged wind speeds over a period of time. In some cases, this could be as long as an hour for some stations.
3) This page also uses a quality control check for the amount of data, in addition to the quality control checks applied to the data itself. "Caution" or "Suspect" values may be due to a marginal or inadequate amount of observations, in addition to potentially erroneous values.

The display will auto-refresh with the most current information every 5 minutes, if current data are displayed.