MesoWest Privacy Policy

MesoWest greatly respects the privacy of all users of our applications. We will never share or sell your personal information to anyone, period. We are also committed to never sending unsolicited emails or any other form of correspondence to users who choose to create accounts to use our products and services. Rather than send unsolicited email, we will occasionally post information and updates on the My MesoWest login page.

MesoWest does capture basic usage statistics (web logs) of our applications for all users. This is used to allow us to improve our products by understanding how they are used.

You have the option of sharing profiles with others. Currently, only shared profiles can be emailed to others, but we will be relaxing that restriction so that you can email all profiles. Since seeing how others use MesoWest will be of interest to most people, we intend eventually to open access to shared profiles. However, no personal information will accompany the shared profiles unless you put that information in the title or profile description.

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