ROMAN Weather Near Fires Monitor

ROMAN has been designed for use by fire weather professionals and others requiring access to current fire weather conditions around the nation. Comments and suggestions for improvement are encouraged and can be sent to

The Weather Near Fires Monitor provides access to the 24-Hour Trend Monitor where the center of the search radius is any large fire (> 100 acres) currently burning or recently containted. Weather conditions in the vicinity of large fires back to July 16, 2001 is also available. In addition, the Geographic Location option allows access to weather information in the vicinity of over a million placename locations in the country.


All active fires are listed including ones that have been recently contained. Locations for fires are retrieved from a national database every two hours in order to list new fires as soon as possible.

The user can access weather data near active wildfires in two ways: Occasionally, the latitude and longitude are entered into that database incorrectly or not at all. If you know the correct information for a fire, please let us know at so that we may manually correct our database.

Past Fires

The user can access weather information in the vicinity of past fires (back to July 16, 2001) by clicking on "Past Fires". The user will be prompted to enter a date in the past and click "submit". Then, a list of fires that were burning on that date will be listed according to the GCA responsible for them. Clicking on the fire's name will then take the user to the 24-Hour Trend Monitor for that fire for that day.

Geographic Location

The user can enter a text string and state in the format "Location, ST" (e.g. "Brigham City, UT"). Matches to the text string are then listed. Selecting one of the options will lead to the current conditions and 24 h trend in the vicinity of that location.

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