Station Search (Your Weather) Help Page

MesoWest has been designed for use by National Weather Service meteorologists and other professionals for protection of life and property. Comments/suggestions for improvement may be sent to

This page helps to explain the "Station Search" option located in the top-left corner of the MesoWest Home Page and on other selected pages.

The purpose of this product is to provide quick access to current data for a desired location. There are a number of different location inputs that can be selected from the drop-down menu including...

Input Type Input Format Output
Address Street Address or City
(e.g. "345 A Street, Salt Lake City, UT" or "Portland, ME")
Surface Map of current observations near the desired address.
Zipcode 5-Digit Format
(do not include additional 4 digits)
(e.g. 84112)
Current conditions and 24 hour trends for observations within 25 miles.
Lat, lon Latitude and Longitude in Decimal Degrees
Do not include N/W, use a negative symbol if longitude is W
(e.g. 45.61 -84.76)
Current conditions and 24 hour trends for observations within 25 miles.
Location, ST City/Town Name and State
(e.g. "Centerville, UT" or "Las Vegas, NV")
List of locations matching the input location in the selected state. Once an option is selected, current conditions and 24 hour trends for observations within 25 miles will appear.
County, ST County Name and State
(e.g. "Davis, UT" or "Caledonia, VT")
List of stations located in that county that are part of the listed network. Change the network setting below the table to display different networks.
Stn Name Name of a Station
(e.g. "Salt Lake City International Airport")
Sortable list of stations whose names contain the input values.
Station ID Current station identifier
(e.g. "WBB", "KSLC", "MTH01")
Station Interface page if the station exists. List of stations with IDs similar to the input ID if the station does not exist.
WIMS ID WIMS ID for RAWS stations only
(e.g. "127301", "45405")
List of stations whose WIMS ID contain the input values.

Once an option from the drop-down menu is selected, enter your desired input then press the "Enter" key. You should then be directed to the desired output which is discussed in the table above.

*Important Notes:

1) The input values are not case sensitive, upper and lower case are perfectly acceptable.