HRRR Zarr Variable List

Notes & Errata

Smoke Variables

The smoke variables often have misleading official names. The notes section of the table explains what they actually are.

Missing data due to iris-grib #265

Sometimes you'll see a variable that has zarr array metadata generated for a given date/time, but is missing any actual data. In many cases this is caused by processing erroring out, most commonly due to an issue in an underlying library documented at iris-grib #265

For analysis files, this does not represent a loss of data, since the issue only affects grids where NCEP provided a constant value in the original HRRR GRIB2 files instead of providing a grid of data. So you can assume all the data is that constant value (zero for most but not all affected variables). For example, there may be no hail or snow in the CONUS at a particular time.

Unfortunately, meaningful forecast data is missing in some instances because if one forecast hour is set to a constant, the entire forecast zarr will be missing. As a result, you must go to the GRIB2 files to get the data for the hours where it does exist. Solar radiation is always affected by this bug at night and thus all forecasts for these variables are missing in the Zarr archive.

General Variable Info

The variables in HRRR Zarr are ultimately copied directly from the HRRR GRIB2 files. The metadata and documenetation of those files may help answer questions about the corresponding variables in Zarr.

For more info see NCEP Product Inventory:

Table of Variables

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