MesoWest Status Update Log
Last Update: 06/18/2024

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06/18/2024 12:20 PM MDT
As part of necessary server maintenance at the University of Utah, MesoWest is having a downtime on Monday, June 24. The downtime is expected to start in the morning and last through the day, though it is possible the downtime may extend additional days if more time is needed to complete the required maintenance. During this downtime, all website-based products within the MesoWest system at the University of Utah will be unavailable for access. We will attempt to bring MesoWest products back online with current data as soon as possible after the maintenance is completed and data have been backfilled.

This downtime does not impact data products for Synoptic Data PBC or NWS Western Region Headquarters. Users are encouraged to explore Synoptic Data PBC's Viewer as well as NWS Western Region's Weather and Hazards Data Viewer as alternative options while MesoWest is offline.

06/07/2024 3:30 PM MDT
MesoWest has been made aware of an expected downtime in the RAWS data and metadata feed during the morning of Saturday, June 15. During this downtime, current RAWS data will be unavailable. Once the upstream downtime completes, data and updated metadata should backfill into our systems.